Order and Shipping Confirmation:

After placing an order successfully, you received a confirmation email from our website, and the email includes the order number and the receipt of the payment. Before placing an order on our website, confirm your shipping address; however, we cannot deliver the order once the shipping is complete. An order takes 2 to 3 working days to be processed and shipped. When your order is confirmed and ready to ship, you will receive a confirmation mail with the tracking number. With this tracking, you can effortlessly search the location of the order on our website.

If you cannot detect the location of your order, call our customer support service anytime to clear your issue within a short time.

Shipping Cost:

Medzpalace charges a specific fee for every shipment, and shipping cost depends on the quantity of the package. Taxes are also calculated according to the shipping location.

However, if you received a defective order or any missing order in your consignment, we will ship a new order to your address, but we will charge some minimum fees for further shipping. If you have not received an order from our site, we will not charge any shipping fees. But to gain this benefit, the individual should have a valid reason and comes under our terms and conditions.


We are based offshore in India, and your local customs treat your order as imported goods. Firstly your order passes through customs; there may be a delay in your orders while they process your order for custom formalities. We recommend that you allow extra time and order ahead, so you are not inconvenienced for that period. This delay can be just a few days to 3 weeks in worst cases before that contact you.

Return policy:

We provide an easy return policy to their customers, and one can quickly return its products and get their refund money back. The return and refund policy is defined on our website. After placing a request for a return on your product, we provide a courier service to collect the product from your home. Our quality control will check the product; we will initiate the refund process if the quality control approves it. The method of refund will process in 2 to 3 working days, and you will receive it in your bank account or wallet on your website. 

Delivery time:

After we receive your payment, we instantly ship your order within 24 to 48 hours. The delivery depends on your address. Suppose you are not available at the time of delivery order. In that case, a note could be left advising the attempted shipping and how to timetable redelivery of your item or post office your order is being held for collection. In maximum cases, they’ll keep them there for four weeks before they’re back to us. 

If you do not receive an order within standard time, please wait for more than seven days to establish whether your order is delayed, held by a customer, or indeed lost.

Can an Individual cancel the order?

Yes, you may cancel your order. One will not be capable of canceling the order through itself on our website. For the cancellation method, you need to email us a cancellation request. Once the delivery method is accomplished, you cannot cancel the order as this one has to cancel the order before the shipping method is performed. We also reserve the proper to cancel any order without pre-confirmation to the customer at any time.