We have a simple, straightforward, and well–defined drug policy that is intricate. Every customer who is buying willing to purchase from our platform is asked to check our drug policy. 

We have included everything in our drug policy that mentions the kind of drugs that we are selling, how we produced the medicine, who decides the cost of drugs and offers, experts check the quality of treatment and the advantages from buying Medzpalace. 


Kinds of Medicines that you can buy from our Portal:

  • We are available with a wide variety of medicines that you can buy according to your requirement. 
  • We have a wide variety of medicines that includes all types, such as generic drugs, prescription, and OTC drugs.
  • For the ease of client, we made different categories of disorder for which you can get from all the recognized brands.
  • We are available with a range of disorders and have many varieties in medicines of each category that various pharma companies produce. 


Medzpalace: A one stops shop for buying generic medicines online:

When comes to buying medicines, you must purchase the best quality of drugs. Login to Medzpalace and buy the best quality, branded drugs that will deliver to your doorstep. As we receive your order request we start the process and ensure that you get 5the product in 8 – 14 days as it usually takes to process your order, pack it, ship it and deliver it to your home.

But you will track your order quickly, and also we keep informing you about the charges. Right from the confirmation, expected delivery, shipment details, or you can see by login at Medzpalace to what stage your order is reached. 

After receiving the order, if you are not satisfied with the product, which rarely happens, or you think you place an order by mistake; Medzpalace return and cancellation policy are always there to help.

FDA Approved

We only include those medicines that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each product is examined personally to check that the chemical name given on the packaging exists and that it is in equal quantity. Our medicines are all clinically and globally accepted as well as approved by regulating authorities. 

How do we Source the Medicines?

  • We source all medicines directly from manufactures.
  • Rarely do we source from the other vendors and wholesalers, but all of them are registered entities.
  • Our medicine is always high quality as well as ensures to buy them from medicine manufacturing companies themselves.
  • Medzpalace is entered into agreements with other pharma companies and wholesalers to purchase medicine in bulk.
  • Medzpalace also has permission from local medicine from approved authorities to sell and buy medicines online.

Ensuring the best quality of Medicines all times:

  • Our clients are constantly ensured of the quality great of drugs bought from our Portal. 
  • This warranty is delivered as we supply all our drugs without delay from the pharma companies themselves or sometimes their registered and authentic sellers and wholesalers. 
  • We make sure to conduct periodic assessments and audits on our existing stock of drugs. 
  • This consists of conducting the usability of the drugs, standard, and protection of taking in the drugs after assuring their quality. 
  • We focus totally on the composition of the drugs to ensure that they continue to be equal despite staying in our logistical units for many days, weeks, or months. The different maximum important factor that we focus on is the expiry dates of the drugs. 
  • All those are tested by an authorized group of professionals that consists of doctors and great experts that conduct the repeated checks and audits.

Cost of medicines:

  • Medzpalace will set the standard price and quotes for all medicines for our customers.
  • We do not dictate the cost of any medicines on our online platforms.
  • Depends on the orders and type of medicines you are buying and order quantity, you get offers and discounts.
  • Price may be different from one country to another, and it depends on the prevailing price in your country.
  • The cost of medicines is the same as they are mentioned on the packets of drugs.
  • The offers and discounts are provided to the customer based on the quantity that we decided from Pharma Company and their price.
  • Medzpalace is a reputable global online platform for the sale and delivery of medicines. So you need to check the cost of medication and other charges and taxes.