Here is about how ED and Diabetes relate. Previously it was believed that ED causes in middle-aged men. But actually, now this is a common problem from middle-aged men to young people. Those who are suffering from Type 1 and type 2 diabetes, face ED mostly. The reason that diabetes is responsible for Erectile Dysfunction as it damages the supply of blood to the male sex organ and nerves that play a crucial role in controlling penetration. 

Erectile dysfunction & Diabetes

The Reason Behind The Erectile Dysfunction 

When a man is sexually aroused, a chemical named nitric oxide has secreted the flow of blood. This gas calms down the muscles and arteries and permits more blood to flow in the penis. As a result, men can hardly erect for a longer period.

The Problem Faced By People Who Are Diabetic

The people who are suffering from diabetes, they have to struggle hard to control their blood sugar level.  In the case of rising blood sugar levels, nitric oxide releases fewer amounts. That indicates sufficient blood cannot flow in the penis for maintaining a sustained erection.

How Diabetes Is Linked To Erectile Dysfunction

According to the study of the survey, those who are diabetic, bear the risk of erectile dysfunction 50% more than the men without blood sugar irrespective of the type of diabetes.  

It is necessary to keep in mind that ED is associated with inadequate blood flow in the penis (vascular), complications with the nerves in the penis(psychological), or emotional problems like depression(psychological). 

Diabetes aggravates these problems. The present medical knowledge has detected various reasons in patients with diabetes.

Damage To Blood Vessels

Diabetes indicates that enormous sugar or glucose is stored in the flow of blood and this may be the cause of damaging small blood vessels. That is known as cardiovascular disease. 

This is the cause of kidney damage, vision problems, and pain in the nerves. If small blood vessels in the penile region get damaged, patients face difficulty in a hard erection. 

For this reason, those who have uncontrolled diabetes tend to have more ED problems. If diabetic patients suffer from hypertension issues, their vessels in the pelvic area get damaged and worsen the condition of ED.

Low Testosterone Level

The estimation indicates that 25% of males with the diabetic problem have lower testosterone levels compared to others. This hormone plays a vital role in sexual activity. Low testosterone indicates ED.

Side Effects Of Medication

Those who are diabetic, take numerous medicines for the treatment of heart problems and complications caused by diabetes. Some of these drugs may be the cause of ED by reducing blood pressure or bearing serious side effects. For this reason, patients find difficulty in a hard erection.


Many diabetic patients get depressed or become anxious for not controlling diabetes properly. Depression can bear many problems related to ED. Deficiency in morning sleep is the reason for morning penetrations. Anxiety may be the reason for the sudden loss in the erection.

Tests And Diagnosis

The doctor suggests doing some tests for diagnosing erectile dysfunction. Here we are going to discuss some tests for controlling the blood sugar level. If patients can control their blood sugar level, it helps them to improve their condition of impotency.

  • Patients are asked to do their blood tests for an increased level of blood sugar. That is the indication of diabetes.
  • Hormone tests are an important issue to check the level of testosterone and other hormones.
  • Patients are asked to do a physical examination to understand the nerve and genitals in the penis and legs.
  • For those who are suffering from ED, their penis gets an injection of medicine to understand whether the blood supply in the penis is normal or not.
  • Patients need to do a urinalysis examination to check the sugar in the penis which is an indication of diabetes.
  • Diabetic patients are asked to do nervous system tests like sweat tests, blood pressure tests which can prevent the nerve from damage to the heart, sweat glands, and blood vessels.
  • Patients have to face sexual health questionnaires to understand the seriousness of this problem.
  • Doctors need to know the past health history of the patients so they can assess the reason behind erectile dysfunction.

How Can One Manage Impotency If He Has Diabetes?

Before discussing the treatment of ED for diabetic patients, keep in mind that many other health problems are associated with diabetes. There are various ways available to mitigate the problem of ED.

Changes in lifestyle

Diabetes treatment depends on the change in lifestyle. Many of us find it difficult to check our blood sugar levels. But by doing so, people can strengthen their bodies and lower the risk of ED.  As per the study, we say that glucose level control can help to control ED problems better.

Giving up the habit of smoking

Smoking enhances the risk of ED by increasing blood pressure. Gradually it may be the cause of damaging small blood vessels in male sex organs. This situation gets worse if people have diabetes. It may be responsible for damaging blood vessels.

Stress reduction 

Diabetes may be the cause of disturbing mental health issues like anxiety and depression. These can aggravate the problem of ED via psychological issues. Eradicating mental stress can be accomplished following numerous procedures. These may be counseling, yoga, and meditation.

Doing regular physical exercise and losing weight 

Weight reduction through daily exercise is crucial for a diabetic who is gaining weight or obese. Losing weight reduces blood sugar levels and eases blood circulation. In this way, the ED problem gets improved. According to clinical studies, weight loss is one of the greatest ways to restore sexual function for many people.

Medicine options 

If a physician determines that you are suffering from an ED problem,  they prescribe medicines for treating this problem. Most of them work to enhance the blood flow to the penile region. The best medicines for ED like, Cenforce 100, Fildena 100, Vidalista 20.

Sildenafil, tadalafil, or vardenafil

These medications help in strong erection for a longer period by allowing bloodstream in the penis. But these types of medications are responsible for many health complications. So it is highly suggested that before taking this patients need to tell their previous health problems to the doctor.

Caverject or alprostadil

The injection form of this medicine is directly injected into the penis for a hard erection. But patients should not use this medicine initially. Before that patients need to try oral medicines.  To take this medicine, patients do not need to be sexually aroused for penetration.

Testosterone therapy 

If patients have low testosterone levels, they need to go for testosterone replacement therapy. This is helpful for enhancing sexual stimulation. But before going to this therapy, you should know that this therapy is associated with a heart problem.  

These diabetic patients tend to be more affected by heart disease. So patients need to discuss this problem with a doctor.


Instead of giving an injection, the mouse is inserted in the urethra 5-10 minutes before physical intercourse. This will help to erect strongly for up to 60 minutes.

Mechanical treatments 

Diabetic patients find difficulty in smooth blood flow in the penis and for this reason, many devices are used for speeding up the blood flow at the time of erection.  This therapy is applied to people who are not responsive to oral medicines.  Now we are going to explain these.

Prosthetic therapy

In this therapy, the penis gets a prosthetic inserted and it gets inflated during the period of sexual intercourse. Like other medications, you do not need to spend money on this treatment frequently. This is a one-time expense therapy.

Vacuum constriction devices

In this treatment, vacuum pumps have a plastic tube in which patients place their penis.  This pump can be run by battery or hand pump run, generates a vacuum that draws blood into the male sex organ it penetrates.  

A rubber ring is required to place it surrounding the bottom part of the penis for maintaining penetration. But before using it, remember that if patients have bleeding disorder issues or consume anticoagulants, they should not take this therapy.

Which Treatment Is Best For Diabetes And ED?

The suitability of treatment depends on the health condition of the patients. Not only that, they need to have the capacity to put up with the treatment. Urologists assess every case and then determine the suitable treatment. 

There are various ways to treat this issue. Better medicines, vacuum devices, implants have improved the probability of hard erection for those who have diabetes. It is yet to be researched on gene therapy. It may happen that it gives a permanent solution for handling diabetes and ED. 

Alternative Considerations 

Diabetes is the reason for ED in several ways.  So before going to any medication or any therapy, you need to talk to a doctor. As medicine and therapy may prove fatal for patients. Fighting with ED problems is quite challenging. So cooperation, support from your partner is mostly required. For this reason, patients can go to psychological therapy in the clinic with their partners to treat this problem.

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