Ordering products from medzpalace.com is simple and also convenient. The first step involves registration that includes email address, name, and also contact details. After signing up customers will get a confirmation email and other instructions.

With the help of an ID password generated, customers can log in to the website and explore the respective medicines. This means some basic steps once accommodated would be helpful.

‌Select Product

Once login customers can easily select the medicine (which is either generic and also branded). Upon choosing the desired medicine the next step is to bring them to your cart.

Add to Cart

Your cart holds the required amount of products you want to place an order with. Once you have selected the healthcare medicine then must ensure to get them into your cart so that you can place an order easily.

Field Details

Before placing an order you must ensure to fill all of the necessary fields so that you cannot miss out on something important. Upon confirming once go through your details that includes your address to which medicines will ship, your contact details, and also your email. This will help us to deliver your parcel right place.

Use Coupon Code

Coupon codes are the best to save on any purchase made. This will help customers to save small to big amounts on the deal they want to make. In turn, along with your purchase, you can save some amount on every purchase.

Place Order

Placing orders is the final step once you determined or cross-check your products. Upon checking you can safely place an order online with us to get the required parcel on time.

Transfer Payment

We have enabled secured payment gateways that customers can adopt as per their choices. This is helpful because different customers have different modes to pay money.

Confirm Payment

Once customers have selected the desired payment mode, click on the confirmation so that your payment can be deducted and make the order confirmation.

Packing your product

After completion of the steps right from selecting a product to order placement, the next step that we look upon is the packaging so that we can deliver your parcel on time and safely.

Ship Product

Shipping usually takes around 7-12 business days. The duration can be exceeded as well because of the custom delivery. So we want you to be patient for the respected delivery time.


Our delivery is hassle-free and we ensure that what you order gets the same. Our delivery partners are well-informed about the overall process to help you deliver your desired product on time.