As you and the majority of people believe, erectile dysfunction is not even a common ailment. Erectile dysfunction appears to “decrease” progressively in the late years, depending on the age group. What would a contemporary guy do to protect himself from anxiety and unhealthy habits that could harm his sexual health?

Men’s aerobic workouts aren’t considered to be completely safe. On the contrary, it affects a big number of men (albeit not the majority) and is causing issues in people as young as 30. Is it possible that today’s way of life is to blame?

Over The Counter Erectile Dysfunction Pills

The Most Effective OTC Pills and Ingredients for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The belief that now the problem only affects older men (aged 65 to 70) is not valid or secure. Almost all men, at some point in their life, struggle with erectile dysfunction. OTC medications are of the greatest quality and therefore are offered lawfully “Over The Counter” (OTC).

The 5 Most Efficient Over-the-Counter Erectile Dysfunction Pills/Supplements, as examined individually, are listed below:

  1. VigRX Plus
  2. Viasil
  3. MAX Performer
  4. L-Arginine
  5. Ginseng

Note: All five of the above are organic and, as previously stated, safe. They are a natural cure (and prevention) for sexual dysfunction, low libido, poor ejaculation, and poor spermatozoa. Medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction like Cenforce 100 mg, Fildena 100 mg, Vidalista 20 mg.

VigRX Plus

For men experiencing “difficulties” with their sexual functioning, VigRX Plus (a product of the well-known firm Core Technology Health) is an efficient and useful natural Ed pill. The erectile dysfunction (ED) medication has real benefits with no side effects.

With such a novel ingredient mix (enhanced with Bioperine), VigRX Plus provides the solution that protects prospective customers from resorting to prescription medications and synthetic pills. It’s not only cheap, but it’s also quite simple to use (in pill form) and administer.


  1. Increase the desire to live
  2. Sexual desire is improved.
  3. boosts physical energy and strength.
  4. It decreases anxiety and tension related to performance.
  5. Improves erection
  6. Enhancing sexual virility
  7. encourages good ejaculation (in terms of sperm volume, quality, quantity, and speed).
  8. Naturally raises testosterone levels
  9. Orgasms are improving.

Adult men (over the age of 18) do not need a prescription to use it, while those who are currently taking medicine should exercise caution because the supplement may cause adverse effects, unfavorable conditions, or health concerns. Only adults are authorized to take the tablet; children and young people are not permitted to do so.

Side Effects

Although 100% natural, the VigRX Plus medication can induce migraines in some people. In such circumstances, it is best to stop taking the supplements and consult with a doctor to see if it is safe to continue taking them.

A comfortable physical remedy for erectile dysfunction and men’s sexual dysfunction seems to be a supplement made in FDA-approved facilities. This supplement is still not recommended for youngsters, people with significant illnesses, or anyone who is taking any type of medication.


The natural medication VigRX Plus works differently from the well-known “blue pill” Viagra. To combat problems, consistent use is essential. The pill is non-toxic, safe, and has no adverse effects.


Viasil would be a 100% pure OTC medication that has been tested by thousands of consumers all over the world (with very successful effects). It improves blood circulation to the male genitals, resulting in a firm and long-lasting erection.

Viasil seems to be erectile dysfunction (ED) multivitamin supplement for men. It was claimed to promote blood circulation, boost energy availability, and enhance ejaculatory intensity. Viasil is accompanied by a long list of unsubstantiated claims, such as improved circulation and vaginal perfusion.

Viasil seems to be an oral pill that claims to significantly “improve” men’s sexual life at any age (from 18 to 108). Viasil’s composition aids its performance. Numerous supplements make false statements about how they work and what benefits they provide in order to perplex.

Viasil also improves the quantity and quality of ejaculation, which is an important aspect of a full sexual encounter. Its activity is genuine, and it has a reason for doing so. This pill’s model is based on the male organism’s potential to manufacture more ATP (adenosine triphosphate).


Its dual-action improves sex performance (endurance, energy, momentum, desire, and libido) while also improving the organism’s functioning.

  1. erections that are better and stronger.
  2. increased erection duration
  3. Improved sperm motility
  4. During ejaculation, the optimal pace of semen

Side Effects

High dosages or long-term use could lead to several health issues. It is not suggested for youngsters or individuals with health difficulties to use without physician consent. Although Viasil has not even been linked to any specific negative effects, it is still not recommended to take it recklessly (beyond the company’s directions). In Chinese traditional medicine, the plant has been used for millennia for its aphrodisiac properties.

Supplements containing this herb should never be used by anyone with blood disorders, significant injuries, or those who are having or planning surgery (such as Viasil). Because of the altered estrogen content in the body, it is not suggested for people who have cancer caused by hormone causes.


Some individuals think it’s a little pricey (as recommended for daily use over a long period exceeding 1 month).


MAX Performer seems to be a natural supplement with 12 high-quality natural components that boosts performance. A lawful product (OTC) would be a non-pharmaceutical idea that has been accepted by physicians. Products of such a renowned and well-known organization (Silver Blade Nutrition Limited).

Among the most powerful natural products on the market today, Its nutritional supplements, which contain 12 high-quality organic ingredients, seem to be a safe therapeutic option for erectile dysfunction.


  1. Testosterone levels have risen significantly.
  2. increase in libido
  3. Strengthening and energizing the body for optimal sexual function
  4. An erection that is bigger, harder, and much more efficient.
  5. ejaculation that is more energetic and rich.

Side Effects

Only high-quality, natural substances are used in MAX Performer effective capsules. Men’s sexual drive and performance are boosted by ingredients specifically chosen for this purpose. Minors should not be using this product because it can cause problems. For people with chronic conditions, cancer, or other diseases, medical permission is essential before using supplements.

MAX Performer bioactive capsules are produced only in cGMP-certified facilities that adhere to all modern safety regulations. It is unqualifiedly recommended as a food supplement for erectile dysfunction because it is a 100 percent natural substance free of steroids, synthetic hormones, synthetic stimulants, and other potentially addictive compounds.


Apart from certain reviews about its purchase, we must admit that no negatives have been detected for such a particular nutritional supplement; the majority of customers have claimed a really pleasant experience with its effectiveness.

In any event, this seems to be self-evident, even as MAX Performer’s structure is improved.


L-Arginine is an amino acid that belongs to the molecular family. It can be obtained through a range of foods but is also available in a number of products on the market. L-arginine is crucial for protein synthesis in the body.

L-Arginine is found in a lot of Sexual Enhancement Pills since it helps the bodywork better. Erectile dysfunction (ED), angina, blood pressure, and even specific pregnancy issues are all treated with medications that contain this component.


L-arginine, which enters the body from food, is transformed into nitric oxide, which causes blood arteries to widen and increase the amount of blood flowing through them. This offers major advantages for a man’s erection, better genital bleeding (penis and testicles), and boosting the testicles’ generation of important hormones.


It can improve cardiovascular function, but it can’t treat and prevent heart attacks or strokes. There are some indications that this may help with physical strength and power, but no formal evidence exists.

Supplementing with L-Arginine has been found to improve sexual performance. There is insufficient data to suggest that a person’s sports performance could be improved. As a result, if you anticipate having a lesser level of gasp throughout intercourse, becoming fatigued as easily, or even having a longer time, this really is unlikely.

Side Effects

Following the recent heart attack, regular usage of L-Arginine is absolutely prohibited. It can create transitory adverse effects that will go away after the medication is stopped. High doses of medication given to minors and children can result in serious problems, if not death.

L-Arginine may interfere with medicines like antihypertensive, nitrates, and treatments that increase blood supply to the heart while being a relatively safe supplementation (as with most people). It could also worsen asthmatic symptoms. People with major health problems are not advised to take it.

What are All the ED Medications’ Adverse Effects?

Headache, flushing, upset stomach, nasal congestion, visual issues, diarrhea, dizziness, and rash were among the most prevalent adverse reactions to ED medications. A man should seek medical attention if his erection will last 4 hours or longer. With cardiac medicines known as nitrates, any of the ED drugs are safe to take.

Check out other ED medications such as Aurogra 100 and the most popular pill among men which is Vidalista 20.

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