Fertigyn 5000

Fertigyn 5000


Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Indication Infertility, Pregnancy, Weight Loss In Women
Manufacturer Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging 1 Injection
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Fertigyn 5000 is used in the treatment of Infertility, Pregnancy, Weight Loss In Women. It contains Human Chorionic Gonadotropin as the active ingredient. Read more to know the uses, dosage, and methods to take it.

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Fertigyn 5000

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Buy Fertigyn 5000 Online

When deciding to buy Fertigyn from the online shop, patients do not have to show any prescription. They can easily avoid the crowd and save their precious time. You can receive your product at your doorstep.  But before taking the injection, patients have to discuss with medical help experts mandatorily.

What is Fertigyn 5000?

Those women fail to conceive for a long time, they find this medicine as a boon. This medicine helps infertile women to produce eggs and increases the chance of being pregnant by ovulation. Thus this medicine can reduce the risk of infertility. Apart from that, this medicine is given to the boys aged 4-9 years for dropping the testes in the scrotum by releasing male sex hormone. 

Is Fertigyn 5000 Safe?

Before taking this medicine, patients need to tell their previous health records like early puberty, heart disease, prostate cancer to the doctor. Only a doctor can decide the dosage of this medicine.

Before taking this medicine, breastfeeding women and pregnant women or those who are planning to have a baby need to discuss this issue with a doctor. It is suggested that patients take this medicine only if they have a doctor’s prescription.


The famous drug and pharmaceutical company named Sun Pharma laboratories limited produced this medicine in the year of 1983. The headquarters of this renowned company is in Mumbai. This Indian company produces pharmaceutical components in the United States and India.


Fertigyn 5000 is composed of the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. This medicine comes under the class of sex hormones.


This medicine should be kept away from heat, sunlight.  Patients are advised to keep this medicine under 2-8 degrees c temperature. Children and animals need to stay away from this medicine. After opening this medicine, patients need to keep this medicine in the refrigerator. 

What are the Uses of the Fertigyn 5000?

Medical Uses 

This medicine is helpful for the treatment of impotence by treating ovulation among women. Even males take this medicine for low sperm count and delayed puberty. 

Non-Medical Uses

When men and women can improve the condition of ovulation, their success rate of becoming pregnant gets higher than before. When a baby comes into a couple’s life, their relationship gets strengthened and leads a happy life.

How to Take Fertigyn 5000?

Since this medicine comes in injection form, patients can take this medicine either on the skin or muscles. But before taking this medicine, patients need to take help from a doctor or nurse. Patients have to inject this syringe into the thigh or buttock. 

While taking this medicine, you need to restrict alcohol consumption. Even patients are not allowed to smoke while taking this medicine. Female patients can take this medicine after menotropin treatment for infertility issues. 

How Does Fertigyn 5000 Work?

HCG helps to release the female sex hormone progesterone and produces eggs in the ovary. Thus the infertility problem gets treated. 

Side Effects of the Fertigyn 5000


  • Tiredness, restlessness
  • Stomach pain


  • Depression 
  • Mood swing 
  • Chest pain
  • Speaking problem

Fertigyn 5000 Dosages 

Patients need to take a limited amount of this medicine. You are not allowed to increase or decrease the dose without talking to a doctor. To get maximum results patients to need to take this injection regularly. 

Missed Dose 

Patients are advised to take this injection on time. But if you ever forget to take your stipulated dose on time, try to take it before passing 24 hours. After crossing 24 hours, patients have to go back to their daily schedule and take their new dose on that day. Never take a double dose to cover the previous one.


If somehow patients feel that they have consumed more than the prescribed amount, they may experience breathing problems, swelling. To eradicate the overdose effect of this medicine, patients need to communicate with a doctor as early as possible.



Many patients take alpha-blockers for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and hypertension. They are not allowed to take HCG for pregnancy. As this injection may be responsible for high blood pressure.


The doctor recommends amlodipine for the treatment of high blood pressure. Patients should not consume amlodipine along with HCG-based medicine.  Because the latter is responsible for hypertension.

Ritonavir and Other CYP3A4 Inhibitors 

There is no interaction history found between ritonavir and Fertigyn. So patients can take both medicines simultaneously. But before taking those, patients need to talk to a doctor for their safety.


If patients take this injection, they may feel dizzy from the side effects caused by taking this HCG. In this situation, if patients take alcohol, their level of dizziness increases.



If patients take nitrate-con consisted medicines like isosorbide, nitroglycerine for angina or chest pain, they should not take this injection. This liquid form of medicine may be responsible for worsening the condition of chest pain.

Hypersensitivity Reactions 

Those who are suffering from serious allergic reactions with HCG or HCG consisted of medicine, should not take this medicine. Even if patients take this medicine knowingly or unknowingly, they experience swelling in the throat, lips, rashes, and hives.

Warnings and Precaution 


HCG drug-based injection is not safe for patients who have a cardiovascular issue or any type of heart issue like congestive heart failure. For this reason, patients should not consume this medicine.

Prolonged Erection and Priapism

This medicine is not responsible for painful and extended penetration and priapism. So they can take this medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Effects on the Eye

After taking this medicine, patients experience blurred vision. So they need to stop taking this medicine.

Hearing Loss

According to research, Fertigyn medicine is not responsible for affecting hearing organs badly.

How Does it React with Other PDE5 Inhibitors? 

No severe incident occurs if patients take PDE5 inhibitors like vardenafil, sildenafil along with Fertigyn injection. The former medicine is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and later helps to enhance the probability of becoming pregnant for women. 

Effects on Bleeding 

If after taking this medicine, patients face vaginal bleeding, uterine bleeding, or experience blood clotting, they should not consume this medicine.

Counseling Patients About Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

This HCG contained injection cannot make sure about not spreading sexually transmitted diseases. But this medicine can improve the chance of becoming pregnant with a female partner. 

So patients need to take all protective measures while enjoying sex with their partners. This medicine can enhance the possibility of multiple pregnancies and this may prove dangerous. So patients need to stop consuming this medicine if women have the desire to become pregnant.

Why Buy Fertigyn 5000 from Medzpalace.com?

Many buyers prefer to buy medicine from Medzpalace over other medicine shops. Not only does this online store offer a special discount on purchases but also they offer some special coupon codes to their new customers for making their consumption affordable. 

This company strongly emphasizes the safety and security of its customers. For this reason, without uploading the prescription, this site does not approve any order.

Fertigyn 5000 Reviews

This medicine is effectively used to cure infertility among females. This medicine can be taken by both males and females. Patients should not refer others to take this injection without prescription even if they have the same problem.  

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