Fertomid 100 mg

Fertomid 100 mg


Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Clomiphene
Indication Female infertility
Manufacturer Cipla Limited
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Fertomid 100 mg contains Clomiphene which is used as a treatment of female infertility. It especially works for women who are unable to become pregnant, Here check out how to use it, dosage, and review it.

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Fertomid 100 mg

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Buy Fertomid 100 Online

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What is Fertomid 100?

It is a medicine that is prescribed to women who have ovary dysfunction. It is an orally administered medicine. It can lead to multiple ovulation, so there are chances that the women may conceive twins.

Is Fertomid 100 Safe?

Yes, it is safe. It has no apparent progestational, androgenic, or antiandrogenic effects and if evidence does not interfere with pituitary-adrenal or pituitary-thyroid function in the body. 


Cipla Limited has Manufactured this medicine. It is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company and its headquarters are in Mumbai, India. 


It contains the drug Clomifene which is a triphenylethylene stilbene derivative. And depending on the target tissue, it can act both as an estrogen agonist or antagonist.


The medicine should be kept in a place that is safe from sunlight and humid conditions. Also, protect it from children and pets

What is the Use of Fertomid 100?

Medical Uses 

It is used mainly to treat female infertility occurring due to anovulation which can further be due to polycystic ovary syndrome. Clomifene initiates endocrine activity to cause a preovulatory gonadotropin surge to subsequently cause follicular rupture.

The first endocrine activity caused by clomifene is an increase in the release of gonadotropins by the pituitary. This helps in the growth of the ovarian follicle and an increase in the level of estradiol in the body.

Non-Medical Uses

This medicine should only be taken if it has been prescribed to you by your doctor not according to your own discretion.

How to Take Fertomid 100 Pills?

You should take this medicine by directly gulping it down with the help of water. Avoid crushing, breaking, or chewing it. You can take this medicine with food or even without food.

How Does Fertomid 100 Work?

Although the precise mechanism of action of this medicine has not been determined yet, Clomifene appears to stimulate the release of gonadotropins, namely follicle-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone which help in the development and maturation of ovarian follicle which subsequently leads to ovulation. 

It will then further develop into corpus luteum and play an important role in secreting progesterone for pregnancy. It helps in the release of gonadotropin by directly stimulating the hypothalamic-pituitary axis or by decreasing the inhibitory influence of estrogens on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis competitively.

Side Effects of Fertomid 100 

Common Side Effects

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Headache
  • Enlarged Ovary
  • Hot flashes
  • Metrorrhagia, a condition in which menstrual bleeding occurs at irregular intervals
  • Breast discomfort
  • Weight gain

Rare Side Effects

  • Pelvic pain
  • Ovarian Hyperstimulation syndrome
  • Stomach pain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Blurring of vision
  • Little or no urination

Fertomid 100 Dosages

When beginning the treatment with this medicine, Clomifene is usually given in a lower dose of 50 milligrams per day and it is continued for five days. Only after this, the dosages are increased up to 100 mg in patients who do not respond to this low dose to bring about ovulation.

Missed Dose

In case you miss a dose of this medicine, take it when you remember about it but do not do so if the time for the next dose has already come near. In that case, forget about the missed dose and start following the original dosage routine to prevent overdosing.

Overdosage of Fertomid 100

The signs and symptoms that can occur when a recipient overdoses on this medicine are nausea, vomiting, vasomotor flushes, visual blurring, spots or flashes, scotomata, ovarian enlargement with pelvic pain, or abdominal pain. To solve this situation, gastric decontamination should be done and supportive measures should be taken.



No significant interactions have been established between the two medicines


Amlodipine and other calcium channel blockers do not react significantly with this medicine

Ritonavir and Other CYP3A4 Inhibitors

These medicines can mess with blood levels of clomiphene and vice versa. For example, the serum concentration of Darunavir can increase when it is taken together with Clomiphene and the serum concentration of Clomiphene can increase when it is taken along with Ritonavir.


If you consume alcohol while taking this medicine then the alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of the medicine, it will reduce the chances of you getting pregnant. Alcohol can also worsen the side effects that this medicine presents



This medicine shows no significant interaction with nitrates.

Hypersensitivity Reactions

Hives, difficult breathing, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, etc are some of the hypersensitivity reactions to this medicine

Warnings and Precautions


This medicine can cause numerous cardiovascular problems like Arrhythmia, chest pain, edema, hypertension, palpitation, phlebitis, pulmonary embolism, shortness of breath, tachycardia, thrombophlebitis, etc. So it is  important to get completely and properly tested before starting this medicine

Prolonged Erection and Priapism

This medicine will not have any such effect, also this medicine is mainly for use in women.

Effects on the Eye

Abnormal accommodation, malformations of the eye and lens called a cataract, eye pain, macular edema, optic neuritis, photopsia, posterior vitreous detachment, retinal hemorrhage, retinal thrombosis, retinal vascular spasm, temporary or prolonged loss of vision which is possibly irreversible are the various visual impairments that can be caused by this drug.

Hearing Loss

This medicine can sometimes cause an ear problem like deafness.

How Does it React with Other PDE 5 Inhibitors?

Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors and Clomifene can interfere with each other’s blood levels. Can increase the blood levels of avanafil and its own blood levels can be increased when it is combined with sildenafil. Other similar interactions occur with other similar Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors.

Effects on Bleeding

As a side effect, this medicine can cause breakthrough bleeding or a little spotting from the vagina. It can even worsen the conditions of abnormal vaginal bleeding

Counseling Patients About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

This medicine is used to help women get pregnant however it will not prevent the transmission of any sexually transmitted disease. To avoid such diseases, indulge in safe sex and do not have sex with multiple partners.

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Fertomid 100 Reviews

All the above information tells that this medicine is a sure shot way to solve the inability to get pregnant due to treating ovulatory dysfunction. It is better than the alternative treatment method of using purified FSH which had greater chances of causing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

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