Hypnite 2 Mg

Hypnite 2 Mg


Active Ingredient (Generic Name) Eszopiclone
Indication Anxiety and Insomnia
Manufacturer Consern Pharma P Ltd
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Hypnite 2 mg is used to treat insomnia. It reduces sleep onset time and frequent awakening at night. This medicine improves sleep maintenance and therefore ensures sound sleep. It should be taken on an empty stomach, Here check out its side effects, dosage, and uses.

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Hypnite 2 Mg

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Buy Hypnite 2 mg Online 

Many people suffer from sleeping disorders due to stress, pressure, and anxiety in their daily life. But if you do not get adequate sleep, you will face many problems. So to eradicate this problem people can purchase Hypnite from the online store without going to the doctor’s chamber. 

But you should consult with a health professional on an online platform free of cost before taking this pill.  The online store does not ask for uploading prescriptions while placing an order. Even buyers receive their items without stepping outside.

What is Hypnite 2 mg?

Hypnite medicine is mainly used for patients who face problems sleeping. If patients cannot sleep at night properly, they must try this medicine. This medicine is available in numerous doses. 

Is Hypnite 2 mg Safe?

Before taking this sleeping pill, patients have to talk to a doctor regarding their health issues like renal disease, liver disease, high blood pressure, lungs problem, history of mental illness. Pregnant women or breastfeeding women are suggested not to take this medicine without talking to a doctor. Before prescribing medicine, doctors need to know the age, sex, and liver condition of patients.


The renowned pharmaceutical company Concern pharma limited produces this medicine. This establishment began its journey in 1996 from Punjab.


Hypnite is composed of the primary constituent Eszopiclone. This active element contains 2mg of this medicine. This medication comes under the category of sedative-hypnotics.


Patients should store this medicine at a 15-25 degree celsius temperature. While keeping this medicine, patients need to look for a cold, clean place. Sunlight, heat is not appropriate for the safety of this medicine.

What are the Uses of Hypnite 2 mg?

This medicine is not prescribed for a longer period. This medicine is beneficial for insomnia patients to improve their sleeping patterns.

Medical Uses 

If patients face interruption while sleeping at night, they can try this medicine. Even after sleeping at night, many patients feel tired in the morning. To solve these problems, patients must take this medicine after taking permission from a doctor.

Non-Medical Uses 

Since this medicine helps to get sound sleep at night, patients feel refreshed all day. For this, they can focus on their regular job more than before. They become happy, energetic and lead stress-free life.

How to Take Hypnite 2 mg?

Patients should gulp down this pill along with water. While taking this tablet, avoid taking greasy foods. While under medication, you need to abandon the habit of drinking alcohol and smoking. Patients should take this pill 30-40 minutes before going to sleep. 

While taking this medicine, you need to ensure about taking 7-8 hours of sound sleep at night. Otherwise, patients face memory loss.  To get the best result patients to need to take this medicine regularly on time.

How Does Hypnite 2 mg Work?

Hypnite performs by slowing down the performance of nerve cells in the brain and aids in sleeping.

Side Effects of Hypnite 2 mg


  • Drowsiness
  • Viral infection
  • Anxiety


  • Hallucination 
  • Infection in respiratory organ

Hypnite 2 mg Doses 

Patients are suggested to take a limited amount of this medicine. Without the doctor’s approval, they cannot change the doses of this medicine. If patients take more than 2mg dose, the next day in the morning they need to avoid driving or doing something which demands a lot of mental attention. 

After taking this pill for a few days, you cannot stop taking this medicine suddenly. Gradually you should decrease your dosage of medicine taken. Otherwise, you may face nausea, shaking.  If any patient takes this medicine for a longer period, they need to change their medication.

Missed Dose 

Patients should not forget to take their pills on time. If they fail to do so, they need to take medicine whenever they remember that within one day. But before taking this forgotten dose, you need to make sure of 7-8hours of sleep. Otherwise, instead of taking a failed dose, you need to take a new dose.


If you suspect that you have taken a larger quantity than a recommendation, you should search for medical help. As patients face slow breathing, breathing problems.



Many patients are suggested to take alpha-blockers to cure the problem of BPH, enlarged prostate. So if they take Hypnite along with this medicine, they may face a serious fall in blood pressure.


Patients take amlodipine for checking hypertension. If they take amlodipine along with Hypnite, they face a sudden fall in blood pressure.

Ritonavir and Other CYP3A4 Inhibitors 

Many people take ritonavir for AIDS treatment. So if they take this type of protease inhibitor along with Hypnite, both medicines interact very badly.


Many patients feel dizzy from taking Hypnite. So those who are taking Hypnite, need to avoid taking alcohol. Alcohol consumption may damage the liver and make people dizzy.



Nitrate consisting of medicines like nitroglycerine, isosorbide relieves chest pain in the patients. If they take this medicine along with Hypnite, they may face serious chest pain for the cause of side effects.

Hypersensitivity Reactions 

If patients are seriously allergic to eszopiclone or Hypnite, they need to avoid taking this medicine. As patients face hives, rashes, and allergic reactions for taking it.

Warnings and Precaution


According to the result of the survey, if patients take sleeping pills for the long term they bear the chance of being affected by the cardiovascular problem. So those patients with heart disease should not try this medicine.

Prolonged Erection and Priapism 

Eszopiclone may be the cause of serious pain and extended penetration for 4-6 hours. So if patients have anatomical penises or serious blood cell disorder, they should not take this sleeping pill. As they are more inclined to have priapism.

Effects on the Eye

Many patients face dry eyes, blurred vision after taking this medicine for a few days. So they need to avoid taking this medicine until the doctor’s instruction.

Hearing Loss 

If patients take this medicine, they may face tinnitus or buzzing on the ears. So patients need to stop taking this medicine.

Combination with Other PDE5 Inhibitors

Those men suffer from erectile dysfunction, they take PDE5 inhibitors to eradicate this problem.  So if patients take PDE5 inhibitors along with Hypnite, men will face depression and females suffer from the problem of breast cancer. 

Effects on Bleeding 

According to a study, it is yet to be established that Hypnite is responsible for the serious bleeding issue. 

Counseling Patients About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Neither Hypnite resists spreading sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, hepatitis, HIV to patients and their partners nor does it stop women from becoming pregnant. So before having sex with a partner, patients need to arrange all precautionary measures to evade unwanted problems.

Why Buy Hypnite 2 mg from Medzpalace.com?

MedzPalace is one of the famous online shopping stores in the digital world.  This company has received recognition from a lot of buyers. They offer authentic products at a reasonable price. Even they deliver your item to your doorstep at a minimal cost. Before placing an order, you can communicate with the company’s medical team for your safety. 

Hypnite 2 mg Review

Since this medicine causes addiction, patients need to take this pill for 2-3 weeks. Patients can feel the effect within 20 minutes after taking it. If after taking this tablet for 7-10days you do not find any change in your sleeping pattern, you need to talk to a doctor.



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