Tadalista 60 mg

Tadalista 60 mg (Tadalafil / Generic Cialis)


Active Ingredient (Generic Name) Tadalafil
Indication Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Tadalista 60 is a marked pill for ED and the most noteworthy portion for the brand Tadalafil. Taking this pill causes a man to accomplish penile hardness. At the same time is also used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Check out the review, price, side effects, etc.

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Tadalista 60 mg (Tadalafil / Generic Cialis)

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Buy Tadalista 60 Mg Online

Buying medicine online has a variety of advantages like you can obtain your product absolutely discreetly, as per your will from the comfort of your house. Online services are even more affordable than offline pharmacies.

What is Tadalista 60 Mg (Cialis)?

Tadalista 60 mg is a medication prescribed to patients who want to maintain a better erection for a longer period of time. Moreover, it is useful in many other sexual diseases. Works same as Cialis and best option as alternative for Cialis.

Is Tadalista 60 Mg Safe?

Tadalista 60mg is safe if it is taken by getting a proper prescription from a doctor. Consult your doctor before using this medicine.


It is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare. This company was established in 2004 with an aim to precise trade and wholesaling products to clients.


It contains the drug Tadalafil in 60mg concentration. It is mainly prescribed for male sexual problems, like treating erectile dysfunction and ejaculation. It consists of a chemical component named Tadalafil Citrate that mainly works by promoting blood flow through the penis.


Store it away from direct heat and humidity and away from children and pets.  It is advised to place the medicine in such a way that heat, sunlight, and moisture couldn’t reach it.

What are the Uses of Tadalista 60 Mg?

Tadalista 60 online is prescribed by doctors for patients in need of treatment for impotence.

Medical Uses 

Tadalista 60 mg is used for the treatment of the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction in men that makes them unable to have a firm erection. 

Non-Medical Uses

It can be used to improve sexual pleasure and performance by couples. Sometimes, it also treats mental issues as well as blood pressure problems.

How to Take Tadalista 60 Mg Pills?

Take this medicine about an hour before you are involved in any sexual activity. Swallow it down with a lot of water.

How Does Tadalista 60 Mg Work?

Tadalista 60 is a selective inhibitor of the vasoconstricting action of PDE 5 and it enhances the vasodilating action of nitrates in the corpus callosum. The nitrates released from parasympathetic nonadrenergic noncholinergic nerves and vascular endothelium then become the major transmitter and they then cause relaxation of smooth muscles in the corpus cavernosum and the blood vessels supplying to it causing the cavernosal sinusoids to fill up with blood when the person is sexually aroused

Side Effects of Tadalista 60 Mg 

Common Side Effects

  • Headache
  • The feeling of weakness and confusion
  • Flushing
  • Sleeplessness
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Burning sensation
  • Indigestion
  • Numbness 
  • Changes in vision

Rare Side Effects

  • Loss of vision
  • Anxiety
  • Bleeding in the eye
  • Pain in the bone and chest
  • Cold sweat
  • Convulsions
  • Cool and pale skin
  • Lack of concentration

Tadalista 60 Mg Dosages

Take a tablet about 30 to 60 minutes earlier than every time you are going to have sexual intercourse.

Missed Dose

In this case, take the next dose the moment you remember about it, however, if the time for the next door has already come then leave it and start following your original schedule.

Over Dosage of Tadalista 60 Mg

It can be associated with very harmful symptoms like hot flushing and prolonged painful erections. In this case, get medical help immediately.

Other Strengths of Tadalista

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Tadalista CT 20 mg

Alternative medicines

Tadarise 20 mg

Tadalip 20 mg


Tadalafil reacts with a variety of drugs including aspirin, ubiquinone, rosuvastatin, duloxetine, apixaban, omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, etc. A small description of some of the interactions is given below.


They can cause symptomatic hypotension as they reduce the alpha-1-adrenergic activity of the blood vessels. Thus, these drugs may cause low blood pressure and can interrupt the baroreflex response.


The patient may feel faint, tired, nauseous if he takes this medicine along with Amlodipine as Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker that relaxes and widens blood vessels, this action leads to the lowering of blood pressure and Tadalafil adds to this effect.

Ritonavir and Other Inhibitors of CYP3A4

CYP3A4 is a human cytochrome P450 that metabolizes Tadalafil. Ritonavir is a drug that inhibits the activity of CYP3A4. This leads to decreased metabolism of Tadalafil in the body and increases its blood concentrations. This causes symptoms similar to those caused due to overdosing Tadalafil.


Tadalafil and alcohol both act as vasodilators. While taking a few quantities of alcohol may not be very problematic, taking too much of it will make the blood pressure fall yet further because of symptoms like dizziness and confusion. This will also make your heart beat faster and cause severe problems.



Nitrates also have a vasodilatation action which is aided by Tadalafil and this leads to dangerous lowering of blood pressure which can even be fatal as it can cause myocardial infarction. Tadalafil remains in the blood for around a day and it is advised that the patient should avoid taking nitrates for about 3 days after taking Tadalafil.

Hypersensitivity Reactions

It is important to find out if you are allergic to this medicine before you start taking it. The patient may experience symptoms like flushing abnormal vision dyspepsia, headache, nasal congestion, back pain, myalgia, nausea, dizziness, and rashes.

Warnings and Precautions


Tadalafil causes a reduction in blood pressure. So patients with both hypertension and hypotension should use this medicine with caution. Its congener sildenafil is even a drug of choice in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Prolonged Erection and Priapism

A very high dose of this medicine can cause prolonged painful erections and this condition is called priapism. This condition needs immediate medical attention to prevent permanent damage to your penis and in case of neglect, the patient will lose his libido and his ability to perform any sexual activity.

Effects on the Eye

PDE 6 is an enzyme of PDE 5 that is involved in photoreceptor transduction in the retina and this isoenzyme gets weekly inhibited by this medicine. Thus, this can cause problems with color vision. Patients have also reported sudden loss of vision and bleeding in the eye after taking this medicine.

Hearing Loss

Tadalista 60 mg can cause hearing loss by causing injuries in the middle and inner ear by some physiological mechanisms.

How Does it React with Other PDE5 Inhibitors?

All of these drugs work similarly and they may cause side effects that are similar to those as in patients who took an overdose of the medicine.

Effect on Bleeding

High doses of this medicine may increase cerebral vessel dilation which may cause intracranial bleeding. Patients who experience gastric bleeding should also use this medicine cautiously. Cases of bleeding from the nose and from the eyes have also been reported.

Counseling Patients About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Tadalafil Does not provide any sort of protection whatsoever from any sexually transmitted disease or from pregnancies. For these things, the patient must take adequate precautions on his own.

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Tadalista 60 Mg Reviews

A lot of patients have given satisfactory feedback after using this medicine, and patients who are looking for a solution for their impotence should definitely use it.

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