·         Medzpalace secures all the rights to refuse custom and cancel orders without prior warning or reason. If the order is cancelled from our side than Medzpalace will pay whole refund to the customer’s.

·         All the photos are on website are just only for reference, the packing of the product many different from the photos are given on website.

· whole team will bear no liability in relation t0 connected with ant product purchased from website.

·         The prices that are listed will change at our discretion.

·         It is the complete responsibility of customer to take medication prior to consult with doctor and also disclose their complete medical history of him or family. Additionally what medicines they are currently taking or any other information that are necessary that may impact on the safety.

At Medzpalace, we assure the customer’s confidentiality and als0 prot6ect everyone’s privacy. We also use the information that we acquired from your access to our site and provide to our customer with most convenient experience. When you order from our website we asked you to create an account. When you create account it will include all your information like name, email and address. Your email is must for verification and correspondence reasons.

Comments & Feedback:

We are constantly welcoming any remarks and feedback regarding our business and the ease of processing orders. You can leave us a comment every time concerning our privacy policies. Email us, and we will get back to you promptly.

Shipping Policy / Orders

Every order has a shipping price. The shipping price could be based on the weight of the medication(s). You should at the least allow ten business days to deliver your order. With the quantity of medicine, we have to provide and package, kindly keep the timeframe in mind. The Order ahead of time so that you don’t run out before you receives the order.


Our shipping costs and policies can change at any time. There might also additionally or may not be noticed with those changes. It’s up to the customer to kindly maintain themselves up-to-date with the costs. We deliver to home addresses. We may also provide to P.O boxes inside every state. Any applications that are dispatched by military mail can be delayed because of the army mail handling process. All orders can be shipped in at least two days.


When you visit an area and order on Medzpalace, you’ll be asked to enter your personal information. However, we’ve got SSL encryption technology this is used for your safety. The SSL technology will run through before your data even is going through the internet. That means it’s going to make it almost not possible for anyone to steal your records. When you store your credit score card quantity on our website, we ensure that it will keep in the most straightforward and encrypted way on our database. This database will not connect to our website. That way, it’s safe and not reachable over the internet.

Shipping Address

·         The default delivery address might be considered the one you used for the last order you positioned with Medzpalace; during the checkout process, you’ll be capable of changing your delivery address. You could be capable of changing your delivery address on your account. Any changes you make to your statement regarding your delivery address will not affect your current order, which you’ve placed.

·         The medicine that you are expecting will stay in generic form. With Medzpalace, we don’t deliver name-brand medications. It’s essential to allow your doctor to write you the correct prescription and dosing information.

Customs Delays

Medzpalace is not responsible for any delays for items in transit to you because of the customer. You receive that your order is imported into your country and any delays caused by your Government’s Customs Department or through the transport service is beyond control.


If your order fails to arrive in the given day expected delivery time frame, you agree to attend a further seven days before requesting a reshipment.

Customs Charges

You receive that you will be requested to pay customs charges for the products you import. These (if charged) can be payable by you directly to your Customs Department, and you accept that those prices aren’t Medzpalace; responsibility to pay. You recognize that delays can arise while they watch for you to pay these prices.

Drug Policy

Medzpalace; will not deliver narcotics or a controlled substance like the Benzodiazepines to any pharmaceutical clients.