Hypertension (high blood pressure) would have a three-fold effect on sexual function. Heart rate drugs that don’t induce erectile dysfunction should be sought out, according to experts. It won’t guarantee that you won’t have erection problems, but it will greatly lower your chances.

According to specialists, high blood pressure is linked to erectile dysfunction (ED). Mixing prescription ED drugs with blood pressure medications is not recommended, according to experts.

Blood Pressure Medication

How Do Blood Flow and Erections Interact?

Some of the most crucial components in the erection process are blood pressure and blood flow. Erectile dysfunction medicines operate by keeping muscles and blood vessels enlarged and accessible. Combining two drugs that dilate blood vessels could be harmful as a result of all this.

Erections can be harmed if there is still a physical problem with blood flow, including increased blood pressure. That’s why finding a blood pressure medication that doesn’t induce erectile dysfunction while also not causing a hazardous fall in blood pressure is critical.

What are the Non-Erectile-Dysfunction Blood Pressure Medications?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a variety of factors, including high blood pressure. Erectile dysfunction is not caused by all drugs used to cure the problem. Although there is limited evidence, some of this may be useful in addressing symptoms. These would be the medicines that are less prone to cause you to get an erection.

Inhibitors of the Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme

The basic function of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors would be to block the enzyme’s action. The body releases this indigenous enzyme, which converts angiotensin I to angiotensin II. Angiotensin II is a vasoconstrictive enzyme that correlates to elevated blood pressure. ACE inhibitors impede the formation of these enzymes during the first instance.

ACE inhibitors are often used to diagnose or manage heart attacks, migraine headaches, and diabetes. By inhibiting angiotensin II, the body’s natural veins and arteries stay enlarged and relaxed. It decreases blood pressure and relieves pressure on the heart.

ACE inhibitors can be found in a variety of forms, including:

  1. Accupril (quinapril)
  2. Aceon (perindopril)
  3. Altace (ramipril)
  4. Capoten (captopril)
  5. Lotensin (benazepril)
  6. Mavik (trandolapril)
  7. Monopril (fosinopril)
  8. Prinivil (lisinopril)
  9. Univasc (moexipril)
  10. Vasotec (enalapril)

The use of ACE inhibitors as a therapy for erectile dysfunction has been investigated. The blockage and constriction of the arteries cause erectile dysfunction. The proportion of sexual activity among males grew while the overall incidence of erectile dysfunction was reduced in this research.

Males with atherosclerotic erectile dysfunction who had been treated either with an ACE medication or even a placebo had identical outcomes. The ACE inhibitor group’s outcomes were also not substantially distinct from the placebo groups.

Calcium Channel Blockers

Calcium is a mineral that the human body doesn’t at all genuinely make. Calcium could be extracted from such a person’s bones if they have insufficient calcium. Calcium enters the human body from our diet and travels through to the heart and vessels’ cells. They contract extra forcefully as a result.

Calcium channel blockers maintain arteries and veins calm and expand by blocking calcium from impacting the cardiovascular system. These can lower blood pressure, correct an erratic pulse, and alleviate angina symptoms. Calcium channel blockers have been used to manage abnormal heartbeats in addition to excessive blood pressure (severe chest pain).

Calcium channel blockers can be found in the following forms:

  • Adalat (nifedipine)
  • Calan (verapamil)
  • Cardene (nicardipine)
  • Cardizem (diltiazem)
  • Nimotop (nimodipine)
  • Norvasc (amlodipine)
  • Plendil (felodipine)
  • Sular (nisoldipine)

Calcium channel blockers could be an efficient erectile dysfunction therapy. Muscle contractions were reduced when calcium channel blockers were embedded directly into the corpora cavernosa. This region saw a 90% reduction in muscular contractions, while the spongiosum saw an 83% reduction.

Erectile dysfunction could’ve been treated with calcium channel blockers, which could be injected. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has not approved them for this purpose.

Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARBs)

ACE inhibitors work by preventing angiotensin II from being converted into angiotensin II, a biochemical enzyme that causes blood vessels to narrow and constrict if absorbed into the blood. ARBs effectively counteract the enzyme’s effect on the human body by altering how it will be digested.

ARBs have been used to treat many different types of renal disorders, diabetes-related kidney problems, and heart problems. Blood arteries stay dilated and relaxed in terms of the quantity of angiotensin II generated when the physical reaction to an enzyme is blocked.

ARBs can be found in a variety of forms, including:

  1. Atacand (Candesartan)
  2. Avapro (irbesartan)
  3. Benicar (olmesartan)
  4. Cozaar (losartan)
  5. Diovan (valsartan)
  6. Edarbi (azilsartan)
  7. Micardis (telmisartan)
  8. Teveten (eprosartan)

For one period, ARBs were also being researched as a potential treatment for erectile dysfunction. A maximum of 2,809 males was included in four clinical trials in which ARBs were administered. Whereas the men who took ARBs had more sexual intercourse overall, whose erectile function did not change much.


For the treatment of high blood pressure, alpha-blockers are frequently combined with some other drugs. They assist in maintaining blood vessels open and relaxed by preventing norepinephrine from stimulating particular receptors in the body. In elderly men with only an enlarged prostate, alpha-blockers are occasionally also used to enhance the flow of urine.

Also a stress hormone and even a neurotransmitter, norepinephrine plays a role in the body. It serves as a chemical messenger within the system during stressful situations. Alpha-blockers are rarely used alone to treat high blood pressure, even though they are frequently used in conjunction with some other drugs.

The following are a few examples of alpha-blockers:

  1. Cardura (doxazosin)
  2. Flomax (tamsulosin)
  3. Minipress (prazosin)

In one clinical study for males with serious erectile dysfunction, alpha-blockers were administered in conjunction with injectable treatment in one clinical study. Following failing to improve with injectable treatment, the guys were given 4 milligrams of alpha-blockers every day for 3 weeks. The combination worked: after three weeks, 22 of the 38 men in the study reported significant improvements in erectile function.

What are All the Drugs that Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s possible that the meds you’re using are the cause of your erectile dysfunction (ED). Blood pressure medicines are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs on the list. Regardless of whether or not people have such an ED, it is vital to successfully take your pills.

One of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction among males is sexual dysfunction. Consult a physician about changing to that of an alternative therapy whether you’re suffering from ED.

Excessive urine from diuretics might result in zinc deficiency. Zinc seems to be a necessary nutrient for the male sex hormone testosterone to be produced. Because diuretics cause considerable urination, they are also liable to cause erectile dysfunction.

Beta-blockers slow the heart rate and blood flow, reducing the amount of blood flowing into the penis. This enables guys to get and sustain an erection without relying on a lot of adrenaline.

Erectile dysfunction is a side effect of several prescription drugs. When utilizing blood pressure drugs, those are not suggested because they can cause a dangerous reduction in blood pressure. Many blood pressure drugs haven’t been linked to erectile dysfunction in the past.

Certain blood pressure drugs don’t cause erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be treated with the use of an ACE inhibitor, an ARB, an alpha-blocker, or a calcium channel blocker. When consuming blood pressure medicine, it’s not a good idea to take these pills.

Other Treatments

  1. All of those are drugs that have been injected through the penis’s side. Alprostadil is now the only FDA-approved medication for all of this. Erectile dysfunction causes pain in the penis in 50% of patients, so they quit taking it. Loking for natural remedies to treat erectile dysfunction, you can also read about it.
  2. Intraurethral drugs are those that arrive in the shape of a pellet which is inserted directly into the penis (urethral = urethra). There are various drugs that can be taken together.
  3. People suffering erectile dysfunction often turn to surgery to be a last resort, although surgical implantation can be highly helpful if none of that works. An implant is really an inflated gadget or even a semi-rigid prosthetic; it need not be extremely tight or hard.

Is it Possible to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

ED is linked to obesity, high blood cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, according to several studies. Regular physical activity and a good diet can help decrease the possibility of getting ED. Although some factors are unavoidable, there are also some actions people could do to improve.

Eating a nutritious diet and regular exercise on such a regular basis will help men avoid having erectile dysfunction (ED). Diet, fitness, and medications can help these people lower their cholesterol levels. Before beginning any workout regimen, consult a doctor to make sure you’re following his or her recommendations. High cholesterol levels can stiffen, constrict, or block the arteries that connect to the penis.

We have also covered the latest treatments for ED that help you to treat it easily.

Males with ED may benefit from a diet that is low in saturated fat and high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Pick workouts that you might love and include in your daily program to help users achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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