A vacuum device or most probably known as a vacuum constriction device is a type of external pump along with a band. With the usage of this device, a man can maintain his erection. What basically is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is a common problem or an inability to maintain a firm erection for sexual contact. Various oral medications are prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction that including avanafil, vardenafil, and many others.

The vacuum device includes an acrylic cylinder along with a pump that might be directly attached to the end. A band or a constriction ring is kept on the cylinder on the other end. The pump and cylinder altogether are able to create a vacuum that helps the penis to become erect, and this erection of the penis is done with the help of a constriction ring or band. The vacuum device ensures proper erection in males. Let’s dive into more detail about vacuum devices.

Best Vacuum Device For Erectile Dysfunction

Working of Vacuum Devices

Are you a person suffering from erectile dysfunction? Want to get rid of this problem? Then, vacuum devices are the best option. But, don’t know how they work, don’t worry! Here are the steps that tell how to use vacuum devices. Let’s dig into them.

  • Firstly, put the pump or device over the penis that is pumped by battery or hand.
  • Pump the air out of the cylinder in order to create a vacuum. This vacuum draws blood into the penis shaft and makes it swollen, due to this activity it becomes erect.
  • Once the penis becomes erect, then with lubricant’s help, make sure to slide the retaining band downwards towards the lower end.
  • Once the vacuum gets released, remove the pump.

The erection is done properly if the constriction band remains at its place and the band can be left for almost 30 minutes in order to maintain an erection during intercourse. But, never forget to use these vacuum devices after consulting your doctor.

According to studies, it is estimated that around 50% to 80% of men are satisfied with these vacuum devices. And, with any other method of treatment for erectile dysfunction, the satisfaction rate might go down.

Reasons for Using Vacuum Devices

Why go for vacuum devices for erectile dysfunction? These devices are considered to be the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Let’s know the reasons behind it.

  • Vacuum devices depict great effectiveness, and if used appropriately men can maintain an erection.
  • They depict fewer side effects or complications than any other treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • Their overall cost is much less than any other treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • With the usage of vacuum devices, there is no need for any surgery or penile injections.
  • Besides this, a vacuum device can be taken into use with other treatments like penile implants as well, and for some men, this combination works even better.
  • With the use of vacuum devices, you can regain proper erectile function after certain treatments. For instance, you can restore the ability of a natural erection after prostate cancer or surgery.

Things to Consider Before Buying Vacuum Devices

So, these vacuum pumps are most probably used to get rid of erectile dysfunction problems, but some men use them for fun purposes. Moreover, they improve confidence levels and increase girth. But, there are some things that you need to consider before buying these devices. Let’s have a look at them. 

Cylinder Quality

This is the main factor that you should look into before selecting any vacuum device. Ensure that the plastic doesn’t break off or come under pressure, so first check for the reviews and the type of material with which it is made. 

Cylinder Size

Check the cylinder size and make sure it is as big as the size of your erection. The small cylinder size is not good and it could be painful also. Always try to find the cylinder that goes well with your erection size.

Best Vacuum Devices for Erectile Dysfunction

There are a huge number of men searching for vacuum device treatment to fix their erectile dysfunction. They are easy to avail and sold widely, plus easy to use and they don’t require any prescription. 

However, men should know about the best vacuum devices available in the market so that they can buy high-quality products to achieve the best results. Let’s cover up some of the best vacuum devices.

1. Bathmate Hydro Xtreme 7

The best product for many years solves the problem of erectile dysfunction to a great extent. The product offers ease of use and comfort, and it offers a kit that includes a pump, a towel, an attachment pipe, a hand pump, a comfort pad, and a ruler. Along with this kit, you will get cleaning supplies also. All these things depict useful measures as these things will avoid any type of infection.


  • Offers various useful accessories to maintain your pump’s cleanliness.
  • Use the device with or without water.
  • Regular use can gain length and girth.


  • Causes neck pain.
  • Have to wait for so long.

2. Bathmate Hydromax 7

This device is designed to boost your confidence and offers quality erection with better results. A simple and ideal device for men who have never used this type of device before and a huge number of men are satisfied with this device. A type of manual vacuum device that can be used by yourself or in the shower. This device promises much higher pumping power than any other.


  • Available in varying sizes in order to suit every man.
  • Clear instructions are there that help you to achieve girth and length as per your choice.
  • The use of water is done to create safe pressure that can deliver the best results.


  • It is suitable for men with 5-7 inches in length.
  • Men out of this range need to see another device.

3. Lovehoney Pumped Up

This device offers a vibration-like feel and its pumping process helps you to gain size and also stimulates blood flow for a better erection. A most fitted device for every man. Its vibrator features four patterns and three speeds, and the chamber is under pressure that features a quick-release button. It greatly helps to get blood flow for proper erection.


  • Almost one size goes well with every man.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • User-friendly for first-time users.


  • Many users feel a weak vibration.

4. Bathmate Hydro7

Another great vacuum device for erectile dysfunction is considered ideal for beginners due to its price. An easy-to-use device and you get detailed instructions on how to use it and use this device in the shower. 

Just fill-up the cylinder with water and insert your penis into it, then seal it and pump it. Keep doing this activity till the water stops pouring out, continue with this activity every day for 15 to 20 minutes and see the results. 


  • A great device for beginners and simple to use.
  • Offers a comfortable feeling.
  • Provides good pressure.


  • The device is available only in one size.

5. The Precision Pump

A type of professional vacuum device for erectile dysfunction and provides diverse features. The device’s pump measures about 9.25 inches long and 3.25 inches wide and will work efficiently to accommodate your growth. 

You can even keep a track of pressure with the help of pressure gauze. Moreover, the cylinder base offers you a great seal that improves your growth potential.


  • A device with more power.
  • Can be used in the shower or out of the shower.
  • Offers a good quality pump.


  • You need to work with your hands, as it is a manual pump.

6. Calexotics Optimum

This device includes a thick chamber so you can view the results occurring in real-time. The stroker sleeve is totally ribbed and you can take it off to use it for yourself. It provides you with a feature of an LCD screen where your workout time, battery life, and pressure are visible. Do your daily exercises with this device without any difficulty. 


  • Runs on a battery and is charged through a USB.
  • Make use of the stroker sleeve independently.
  • Offers good quality.


  • The device doesn’t set the time between your pumps.
  • You have to set the time all by yourself.


If you truly want to get rid of your erectile dysfunction problem, then make use of vacuum devices as they are better than any other erectile dysfunction treatment. They are easy to use and are available at affordable prices in the market. Other Supplements of erectile dysfunction like Bluemen 100, Cenforce 200, and Extra Super P Force to solve ED and PE.

They greatly help in maintaining erection and also stamina. It is highly recommended to use Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7 and The Precision pump as these both are available with good quality. 

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