Malegra DXT Plus

Malegra DXT Plus


Active Ingredient (Generic Name) Sildenafil/Duloxetine
Indication Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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The Malegra Dxt in addition to and perhaps named one among such drugs, which will be associated by raising your conditions of erectile dysfunction. It’s a medication that has the ideal ability to agitate your states of erectile dysfunction and may offer you the fix that you were giving express attention to.

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Malegra DXT Plus

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Buy Malegra DXT Plus Online  

During this pandemic, it is very difficult to stand in the queue to purchase medicine from land-based medicine stores. So online purchase helps buyers to avoid unnecessary physical contact with others. 

While someone decides to purchase Malegra DXT Plus, they are not comfortable disclosing their details to the medicine shop. The online purchase helps them not to reveal their identity to others. Even most of the online medicine stores do not ask for a prescription. 

What is Malegra DXT Plus?

Malegra DXT Plus is one of the strongest choices for men who suffer from the problem of infertility. During physical intercourse, many men cannot hold their ejaculation long so they cannot prolong their physical intimacy with their partners. So this medicine is helpful to fight against this issue. Even this medicine helps to get rid of the problem of soft and short penetration. 

Is Malegra DXT Plus Safe?

Since Malegra DXT Plus is combined with two elements, the patients need to think about it beforehand. Even if they decide to take it, talk to the doctor regarding this issue. They should not hide anything regarding their health issues, present physical condition, medicine taken, and age. 

After knowing the details, a doctor can prescribe the right amount of dose to treat this problem. So for their own safety, patients need to be free to discuss with a doctor regarding the consumption of this pill.


Sunrise remedies private limited is one of the renowned pharmaceutical companies in India. They started their business in 1993 from Gujarat. They are the largest producer of this medicine.


Malegra DXT Plus is a combination of two effective elements and these are Sildenafil and duloxetine. The former component comprises 100mg and the latter consists of 60mg. Sildenafil is a special kind of PDE5 inhibitor. Duloxetine is a special type of serotonin noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor.


Malegra DXT Plus is kept in a cold, clean, and dark place. Avoid sunlight, heat while keeping it. Women, pets, and children need to stay away from this medicine. 

Malegra DXT Plus Specification

What are the Uses of Malegra DXT Plus?

Malegra DXT Plus is effective to treat two sexual disorders and these are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

Medical Uses 

Those men lose their confidence for not becoming successful in hard penetration, they should try Malegra DXT Plus. This medicine prolongs sexual intercourse to get maximum pleasure. Many patients cannot delay their semen ejaculation, so the sexual desire among couples remains unfulfilled. This medicine helps to curb this problem.

Non-Medical Uses

After getting the full pleasure of sexual activity, the couple gets satisfied physically and mentally. Men get back their lost confidence, energy.

How to Take Malegra DXT Plus?

Patients are suggested to gulp down this pill along with sufficient water.  Avoid taking grape juice, alcohol, and high fatty foods while you consume this pill. Patients can take this medicine on an empty stomach or along with low fatty food. This medicine needs to be taken only if the couple has sexual desire. Patients need to take this medicine 45-60 minutes before sexual intercourse.

How Does Malegra DXT Plus Work?

Penis releases PDE5 that creates an obstacle to fill the penis with sufficient blood. Buy Sildenafil releases NO gas at the time of sexual excitement and this gas relaxes muscles in the penis and allows sufficient blood to fill the penis. 

As a result, patients become successful in a hard and prolonged erection. It is assumed that duloxetine improves ejaculation by increasing the mood changing chemical component noradrenaline and serotonin in the brain. So the brain gets the signal to delay ejaculation.

Side Effects of Malegra DXT Plus


  • Runny nose 
  • Fainting
  • Sleepiness 
  • Nausea 
  • Flushing 


  • Irregular heartbeat 
  • Loss of hearing 
  • Priapism
  • Painful erection 

Malegra DXT Plus Dosages 

Patients cannot consume more than one pill within 24 hours under any circumstance. Patients cannot alter doses without talking to the doctor.

Missed Dose 

If you ever forget to take the stipulated dose on time, take it before 24 hours. After 2 4hours, patients need to give up the idea of taking the missed dose and taking a new dose following the daily routine.


If you feel that you have taken an overdose, you may face mild to moderate side effects. You may be infertile permanently or you can face seizures, breathing problems. So taking medical help is extremely required to counter this crisis.



Alpha-blocker medicines like Tamsulosin, doxazosin are used to treat BPH, hypertension. So if you take these types of medicines along with Malegra DXT Plus, patients face a sudden decline in blood pressure.  So you have to change the time of taking these two medicines.


Amlodipine is mainly used to treat hypertension. So if patients take Malegra DXT Plus along with amlodipine, Sildenafil expedites the exercise of the low blood pressure effect of amlodipine.

Ritonavir and Other CYP3A4 Inhibitors 

Ritonavir is an HIV protease inhibitor and it increases the level of Sildenafil by changing the metabolism of this medicine. Since CYP3A4 increases the exposure of Sildenafil,  patients face priapism, visual problems. So a strong dose of CYP3A4 is not recommended while taking Sildenafil.


While taking Malegra DXT Plus, you need to control alcohol intake. As drinking alcohol worsens the side effects like dizziness, fast heartbeat. Apart from these, medicine delays becoming effective.



Nitrate cannot mix up with Sildenafil. So patients should not take nitrate  oriented medicine for the treatment of angina along with Sildenafil. Sildenafil reduces blood pressure and increases heartbeat. Patients feel dizzy, lightheaded.

Hypersensitivity Reactions 

Those who are allergic to Sildenafil or Sildenafil-containing medicine should not take Malegra DXT Plus.  If taken for lack of awareness, patients face swelling, hives, and allergies.

Warnings and Precaution 


Sexual intercourse is strongly related to cardiovascular issues. So those who are suffering from a sudden heart attack, heart pain, need to refrain from taking this medicine. This medicine causes pressure on arteries and remains responsible for a sudden drop in blood pressure.

Prolonged Erection and Priapism

If a painful erection stays for more than 6 hours after taking Malegra DXT Plus, patients become infertile permanently from damaged penile tissue. So seeking medical help is needed. If patients have Peyronie’s disease, anemia, they are inclined towards priapism. They should not take Malegra DXT Plus.

Effects on the Eye 

Since PDE5 is responsible for reducing pressure on the optic nerve, patients who have a visual problem should not take it. Patients become blind in one or both eyes because of the effect of Malegra DXT Plus.

Hearing Loss 

Since PDE5 is associated with ringing in the ear, hearing disabled people should not try this medicine. This medicine causes damaging audible capacity permanently.

How Does it React with Other PDE5 Inhibitors? 

PDE5 does not allow drawing sufficient blood in the penis. So patients fail in a hard erection. Buy Sildenafil impedes PDE5 to do so and helps cGMP to store largely. As a result penis gets filled with blood and patients attain successful penetration.

Effects on Bleeding 

Those who are suffering from the problem of serious blood disorder or peptic ulcer need to abstain from taking Malegra DXT Plus. As Sildenafil causes intracranial bleeding.

Counseling Patients About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

After taking Malegra DXT Plus, if your partner becomes pregnant or you are affected by sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, syphilis, this medicine is not responsible for that. This medicine does not ensure the prevention of these issues. So before enjoying sex, taking birth control measures is strongly recommended.

Why Buy Malegra DXT Plus from

Many customers strongly recommend meds palace for online purchases. This online store always tries to deliver authentic products at an affordable price as early as possible. Their packaging quality is so good that customers are always satisfied with their received item.

Malegra DXT Plus Reviews 

Many doctors recommend Malegra DXT Plus to treat two sexual problems. The effect of this medicine persists for 6 hours. After consuming this drug, patients feel the effect within 15-30 minutes.

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